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Boise Tech Solutions Company Remains Relevant by Evolving with Industry


Think of the top tech companies in the world right now. What do Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and others have in common? Though they are industry leaders, they are all newer companies and still relatively new to consumers. There aren’t many technology companies who have stuck through the digital and internet evolution, and the ones that have must be something right, like Boise-based Fisher’s Technology. How does a company founded in 1936 make it through the disruption that has sent many other small tech companies packing? By sticking to their core values and evolving with the industry.

Office ready with the right technology

Fisher’s was first founded in 1936 when Tom Fisher founded Fisher’s Office Equipment. Fisher’s would continue as Idaho’s leader in office equipment in Boise solutions and resources for several years before taking a new approach in 2007. The company realized that they could take the same approach to other, more modern digital solutions as they did to printers and copiers by adding integrated digital solutions to their list of services. With the expansion of services Fisher’s Office Equipment changed their name to Fisher’s Document Systems in 2007. With the same customer-first approach to digital solutions, Fisher’s popularity quickly grew and in 2010 the company expanded out of Boise and Garden City, Idaho into neighboring Idaho Falls and Twin Falls.

2012 saw the company shift from a go-to digital solutions company to one of Idaho’s top tech resources when Fisher’s organized the Boise Technology Show, a tech fair that helps match Idaho residents with the latest advances in business technology and leadership.

In 2013 the company changed its name again from Fisher’s Document Systems to Fisher’s Technology to reflect another expansion into information technology (IT) services. The expansion of services grew the company into over a hundred employees strong with new locations in Idaho, and a move into Montana in 2017.

The modern Fisher’s Technology is a one-stop-shop for small business digital solutions needs including their foundation of printers and copiers, workflow and integrated business solutions like cloud computing, and managed IT services. The shifts in focus and constant customer-first approach have helped Fisher’s stay relevant for over eighty years while many companies have opened and closed. Though the company may have added services over the years, Fisher’s mission is still as simple as ever, “to make our customers extremely happy with their office technology.”

Denver Based JS Enterprises Offers Tips on Keeping Spring Pests Out Without Poisons


Spring is right around the corner in Denver and that means many pests that have been hiding during the winter are now out and hungry. Unfortunately for you, these animals see your lawn, garden, and landscaping as an all-you-can-eat buffet. You don’t want all your garden’s new growth munched away so let’s get some tips from local landscapers in Denver JS Enterprises on protecting your plants from common Denver pests.


Landscaping a lawn

Deer are beautiful to watch, but not when they’re munching on your favorite plants. Deer are notoriously difficult to keep out if you don’t have a high-enough fence but there are some environmentally-friendly solutions – including more plants. Deer dislike fuzzy, poisonous, and strong-scented plants so consider some in your gardens like garlic and lavender. Consider hanging strong-scented bar soap from pantyhose around the perimeter of the garden to keep them from venturing in. If the deer are still aggressive, try an ultrasound device that emits an annoying frequency when deer venture in.


You can keep rodents out without pumping your property full of poison. Rabbits and squirrels are among the worst offenders across the Front Range, but you can help your garden fight off critters. Predator decoys that light up and make noise tend to scare off rabbits and many plants that deter deer also deter rabbits. Ultra-sound rodent deterrents may work with some success. If rodents like a particular plant, try planting closer to the home where there are more activity and motion – rodents are very timid.

Japanese Beetles

Some think Japanese beetles are beautiful, but these invasive species can be a major pest to your garden. The Japanese Beetle’s diets are flowers and leaves and they have no discretion between weeds and award-winning tulips. There are several commercial traps available that can aid in trapping Japanese Beetles, just look for one with good reviews. If your property is small, physically shaking the beetles or spraying them with water can deter them from coming back. Japanese Beetle grubs can live in your lawn, so talk to your local landscaping expert about what you can do to kill the grubs off.

Spring brings many pests out of hiding, but there are several environmentally-friendly ways of deterring these pests. Try the methods listed above and talk to a local landscaping professional like JS Enterprises about physical and plant barriers that are effective in your neighborhood. Wildlife is nice to look at – but not in your garden.

Denver Accident Lawyer Explains Car Insurance in Colorado

Auto accident aftermath

Each state has different laws regarding auto owner’s insurance including what type of insurance drivers are required to carry. Colorado has its own set of laws regarding auto insurance that you may not be aware of even if you’ve lived in the state your entire life. Denver-based attorney Mitchel S. Drantch put the laws into perspective with an overview of Colorado auto owner’s insurance and the law.


Car accident aftermath

Liability coverage protects you in the event that you cause damage to someone else or someone else’s property and also protects you of you’re injured by someone else’s negligence on the road. The minimum amount liability can cover in the state of Colorado is $25,000 per person, or at least $50,000 for two or more people injured in an accident, and $15,000 for property liability coverage. Property liability covers damage to objects and other vehicles.

Uninsured Motorist

All drivers in Colorado must carry uninsured motorist (UM) coverage unless they have a reason not to in writing. UM coverage lets motorists and accident victims pursue damages through their own insurance company if the party is involved in an accident with a motorist who doesn’t carry any insurance.

Medical Payments

Colorado is one of the only states to require mandatory medical payment coverage and has been requiring Colorado drivers to do so since 2009. Motorists must have medical payment coverage with a minimum of $5,000 per person, per accident. In Colorado, medical payment insurers are prohibited from seeking reimbursement of this benefit.

No matter the types of coverage of auto insurance Colorado requires, getting more than the bare minimum is one of Drantch’s top recommendations. The Auto Injury Law Office encourages all motorists to pay into their policies as much as they can should something go wrong. An attorney can only do so much for you so have the right insurance plan in place before you find yourself seeking the help of a law office.

There is more to Colorado auto insurance than meets the eye and the Auto Injury Law Offices of Denver want to be certain anyone involved in an accident knows the ins and outs of the insurance process to they can get the best outcome. If you’re involved in a serious accident or received injuries from someone else’s driving negligence, Denver auto injury attorney Drantch recommends you call an auto injury law attorney right away.

De Beers Utilizing Block Chain Technology to Confirm Purity

Ring set

Global giant De Beers is the world’s leading producer of diamonds by value. Now they want to help their sellers, and future buyers confirm the authenticity of the De Beers diamonds and ensure customers that they are completely conflict-free. De Beers already issues concrete guarantees that its stones are ethically-sourced which helps consumer confidence in the company. They also help other diamond companies by providing technology to help keep counterfeit diamonds off the counters of jewelry stores.

Engagement rings

How does De Beers help guarantee the quality and authenticity of its diamonds so well? While De Beers uses a variety of methods, they have now started implementing block-chain technology, like that used in crypto-currencies like Bitcoin. According to De Beers block-chain technology assists in the methods, the company is already using and can help track a diamond to confirm that it’s conflict-free.

De Beers has also been working with the Kimberly Process; a system set up in 2003 to better increase transparency in the industry and help stem the flow of conflict or ‘blood’ diamonds.

Blockchain is a newly popular process that uses a shared database of trades and transactions. The system is maintained on large networks of computers. Because the different transactions are spread through so many individual servers and computers, it’s very difficult for them to be hacked. “It’s a huge public ledger as immutable as anything invented,” CEO Bruce Cleaver told Reuters about blockchain. “It’s a much more un-hackable system than anything on a single server.”

De Beers isn’t keeping the secure technology to themselves; they hope to open the block-chain system to the entire diamond chain for all stones of different cuts, size, and value. “It has the ability to be very significant for the industry,” said Cleaver.

The startup Everledger has been using chain-block technology to verify diamonds since 2015. De Beers just started their block-chain project after several months of research, and though De Beers guarantees its diamonds are conflict-free, the block-chain technology helps address customers wanting further confirmation of a peaceful trade. De Beers invites others to participate in their pilot program. “It’s a bold step going public with a pilot, but we’re going public because we’re interested in the entire industry participating,” Cleaver said.

Thanks JohnAtencio.com and their designer jewelry specialists for writing this article up for our website.

Could Plumbers have the most in demand job in 2018?


Buckle up! Today might be the perfect day for you to consider becoming a plumber. According to the Beauru of Labor Statistics, Plumbers, Pipefitters, and Steamfitters could be in significant demand in 2018.

According to Jon Maclinmeyer of Denver Plumbing, the growth in segmented markets like Denver, Colorado have resulted in skyrocketing demand for both residential and commercial plumbing services. Additional markets that appear to have strong growth potential include drain cleaning and HVAC.

“Everyday is a great day to become a plumber. With an average salary of over $51,000 per year, plumbers not only get paid well, they have an opporutnity to move up quickly, and be compensated even more,” added Will Buckingham of The Plumbers University Exam Center.

4 Important Points on Finishing the Interior of Your Steel Building


Steel buildings offer strength, durability, eco- and econ-friendly options for your home, office, storage and workshops… only to name a few benefits on the matter!  You may as well finish the interior to your liking while you’re at it and simply enjoy living out the purpose for which you intended it for.

Structural Choices Before Building Purchase

When you know for sure that you will be finishing the interior, say with plywood or drywall sheets, you will want to order your rigid mainframes to be straight columns, rather than the less expensive tapered.  Tapered columns are wide at the eave height, and taper narrower to meet the foundation.  These offer more foot space plus cost less.  But that won’t work for interior wall sheeting.

Most metal building brokers with integrity will assume the most cost-efficient tapered columns as the default, unless you request, “Straight columns, please, for I intend to apply interior wall finishes!”  Be sure to thank your broker for being considerate of your budget.

“Of course, if you buy your steel building wholesale,” reminds John Barber, owner of Factory Steel Overstock, “the public will always get more for less.”  Be sure to come to the call educated, and communicate exactly what you want to your broker so that they know how to guide the purchase order.”

Applying ‘hat channel’ to the secondary supports, called girts, allows you to screw in the interior wall surfaces.  A tapered column, however, would result in walls slanted inward at the floor.  Now, unless you’re building a fun-house…

Insulation, Insulation, Insulation

Did I mention you will need to insulate your steel building structure?  Metal is highly conducive to heat.  It will release your heated interior space to the out of doors–poor energy efficiency on winter days–as well as bake your innards on hot summer days.  And we all know that when warm air touches a cool metal surface, such as humidity inside on a cool day outside, or humidity inside while the AC is running… condensation forms.  (By the way, if you’re breathing, there is humidity in the air.)  Water next to finished interior finishes not only invites rusting but decomposes your beautiful interior construction choices.  That said, INSULATE…

Protective Finishes and Primers

In addition to insulation, be sure to choose flame retardant primers and paints for your interior surfaces.  Check with your local building department regarding codes and requirements.  You definitely want peace of mind for the long living hours you will be dedicated to your new steel building.  I can’t say enough on this subject…

Interior Wall Sheeting Choices

Whether you are choosing to install drywall or plywood, be sure that your bottom edges are kept clear of the floor.  You won’t want any future spills to be wicked up into the walls and cause damage.  Apply the appropriate metal channels to affix your chosen material too.  ¾” tongue-in-groove plywood offers a sturdier option than drywall.  Be sure it’s flame-retardant primed to meet fire codes.  This option has greater tolerance to wear and tear, plus you are not searching high and low for a wall stud to hang your favorite picture, as you may be with drywall.  When you weigh out the price comparison, in addition to lower-maintenance over the years, it’s not far off from the less expensive drywall; remember you will need the necessary 2×4’s, taping, etc. required for drywall install.  You may want your interior design finishes to be as durable as the steel building housing it all.  Enjoy!

How to find a trustworthy metal building broker


Are There Trustworthy Customer Reviews?

With so much being slurred across social media and search engine reviews, it’s important to focus attention on reputable sources. ALWAYS check with the Better Business Bureau when searching for a trustworthy metal building broker, as these are customers who actually did business with the company, as opposed to someone having a bad day and venting on, say, a Google review or the like. Be aware that there are many fictitious sites posting false reviews in order to make a few thousand bucks for companies to pay for the removal of fake negative reviews.

As well, sad to say, competitors may be making it difficult for one another in any particular industry by posting negative false reviews on various sites. All in all, while we would love to believe in the positive testimonials posted to the actual company website, it’s difficult to say what is truly legit. One may never know. Again, the BBB is often the best route for researching the track record of any company.

A great indicator of a trustworthy steel building broker is the percentage of customers who are return customers, as well as are referring friends and family to the firm. Again, it’s difficult to know for sure what information is legit and what has been fabricated for the sake of looking good. I can’t stress enough that the Better Business Bureau is the best indicator.

Transparency in Pricing

Note which companies actually post their steel building prices online with nothing to hide. When you have access to the data and are able to self-quote directly from the website, there isn’t much to second guess. Companies willing to reveal all costs, not to mention the profit, are open and willing to put the customer’s savings first. When you get to a website that only wants to capture a lead before offering steel building prices to the prospective customer, one is justified in becoming wary right off the bat as to what is there to hide…

Everyone purchasing I-Beam Steel Buildings is ultimately purchasing there steel building from 3 major corporations trickled down to a great number of subsidiaries and brokers. It’s all a matter of who is getting the most commissions and profiting through markups of building materials and accessories. With increased regulations and standards in the industry, you’ll get the same quality almost everywhere. “How much do you wish to overpay? That’s really the only question,” warns John Barber, key principal at Factory Steel Overstock. “It’s that simple.”

Legitimate Marketing

Speaking of overstock, and terms of the like, let’s not be misled by sales gimmicks. I-Beam steel buildings are fabricated upon order. It’s highly unlikely that there would be a warehouse full of pre-fabricated I-Beam steel buildings sitting around to go on clearance anywhere. These are simply terms made to get the public’s attention because we are conditioned to then meaning, at least for other products, that there is a great deal to be had on these surplus metal buildings for sale. This is not to say that we can’t just have some game in the industry, but simply be aware of what’s revealed and what remains hidden in pricing.

Clinical Trials Use Stem Cells to Fix One Type of Blindness


There are several holy grails of modern medicine like curing paralysis, eliminating miscarriage, and turning back the ravages of time. Currently, stem cells are being explored to achieve these ultimate goals, but recently stem cells were successfully used in two clinical trials that are making big waves on one of medicine’s other ultimate goals – restoring sight.

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Remember, a Jedi can feel the Force flowing through him. I can’t get involved! I’ve got work to do! It’s not that I like the Empire, I hate it, but there’s nothing I can do about it right now. It’s such a long way from here. I call it luck. You are a part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor! Take her away!

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Remember, a Jedi can feel the Force flowing through him. I can’t get involved! I’ve got work to do! It’s not that I like the Empire, I hate it, but there’s nothing I can do about it right now. It’s such a long way from here. I call it luck. You are a part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor! Take her away!

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Clinical Trials Use Stem Cells to Fix One Type of Blindness

There are several holy grails of modern medicine like curing paralysis, eliminating miscarriage, and turning back the ravages of time. Currently, stem cells are...