Think of the top tech companies in the world right now. What do Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and others have in common? Though they are industry leaders, they are all newer companies and still relatively new to consumers. There aren’t many technology companies who have stuck through the digital and internet evolution, and the ones that have must be something right, like Boise-based Fisher’s Technology. How does a company founded in 1936 make it through the disruption that has sent many other small tech companies packing? By sticking to their core values and evolving with the industry.

Office ready with the right technology

Fisher’s was first founded in 1936 when Tom Fisher founded Fisher’s Office Equipment. Fisher’s would continue as Idaho’s leader in office equipment in Boise solutions and resources for several years before taking a new approach in 2007. The company realized that they could take the same approach to other, more modern digital solutions as they did to printers and copiers by adding integrated digital solutions to their list of services. With the expansion of services Fisher’s Office Equipment changed their name to Fisher’s Document Systems in 2007. With the same customer-first approach to digital solutions, Fisher’s popularity quickly grew and in 2010 the company expanded out of Boise and Garden City, Idaho into neighboring Idaho Falls and Twin Falls.

2012 saw the company shift from a go-to digital solutions company to one of Idaho’s top tech resources when Fisher’s organized the Boise Technology Show, a tech fair that helps match Idaho residents with the latest advances in business technology and leadership.

In 2013 the company changed its name again from Fisher’s Document Systems to Fisher’s Technology to reflect another expansion into information technology (IT) services. The expansion of services grew the company into over a hundred employees strong with new locations in Idaho, and a move into Montana in 2017.

The modern Fisher’s Technology is a one-stop-shop for small business digital solutions needs including their foundation of printers and copiers, workflow and integrated business solutions like cloud computing, and managed IT services. The shifts in focus and constant customer-first approach have helped Fisher’s stay relevant for over eighty years while many companies have opened and closed. Though the company may have added services over the years, Fisher’s mission is still as simple as ever, “to make our customers extremely happy with their office technology.”