Spring is right around the corner in Denver and that means many pests that have been hiding during the winter are now out and hungry. Unfortunately for you, these animals see your lawn, garden, and landscaping as an all-you-can-eat buffet. You don’t want all your garden’s new growth munched away so let’s get some tips from local landscapers in Denver JS Enterprises on protecting your plants from common Denver pests.


Landscaping a lawn

Deer are beautiful to watch, but not when they’re munching on your favorite plants. Deer are notoriously difficult to keep out if you don’t have a high-enough fence but there are some environmentally-friendly solutions – including more plants. Deer dislike fuzzy, poisonous, and strong-scented plants so consider some in your gardens like garlic and lavender. Consider hanging strong-scented bar soap from pantyhose around the perimeter of the garden to keep them from venturing in. If the deer are still aggressive, try an ultrasound device that emits an annoying frequency when deer venture in.


You can keep rodents out without pumping your property full of poison. Rabbits and squirrels are among the worst offenders across the Front Range, but you can help your garden fight off critters. Predator decoys that light up and make noise tend to scare off rabbits and many plants that deter deer also deter rabbits. Ultra-sound rodent deterrents may work with some success. If rodents like a particular plant, try planting closer to the home where there are more activity and motion – rodents are very timid.

Japanese Beetles

Some think Japanese beetles are beautiful, but these invasive species can be a major pest to your garden. The Japanese Beetle’s diets are flowers and leaves and they have no discretion between weeds and award-winning tulips. There are several commercial traps available that can aid in trapping Japanese Beetles, just look for one with good reviews. If your property is small, physically shaking the beetles or spraying them with water can deter them from coming back. Japanese Beetle grubs can live in your lawn, so talk to your local landscaping expert about what you can do to kill the grubs off.

Spring brings many pests out of hiding, but there are several environmentally-friendly ways of deterring these pests. Try the methods listed above and talk to a local landscaping professional like JS Enterprises about physical and plant barriers that are effective in your neighborhood. Wildlife is nice to look at – but not in your garden.