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Jon Urbana is On A Mission To Change Your Beef

Jon Urbana

Jon Urbana and his cousin launched KOW Steaks in 2016 but their roots go much deeper than that. John Urbana and his cousins are 6th generation family farmers and ranchers. KOW is their latest milestone that combines long traditions and new innovations with traditional practices and values established over 125 years ago.

In the ’70s, John Urbana’s grandfather made headlines with an effort to help Japan establish a dairy program that didn’t previously exist. John Urbana’s grandfather commissioned and specially outfitted two 747’s which transported a small herd of dairy cattle from the US to Japan. The program was such a hit that Emperor greeted the flights when they arrived in Japan.

It was in Japan that John Urbanas’s grandfather first indulged in Wagyu beef. It tasted nothing like anything the Iowa farm boy had ever tasted. His passion was fueled, he was eager to bring the same experience to Americans. Years later, John Urbana’s grandfather was the first rancher in the US to establish a small herd of Wagyu cows. This was the first step to KOW Steaks today.

“We didn’t invent ranch-to-table direct selling.  There are some well-known brands that have been operating in that space for decades. We knew that to stand out and succeed, we had to have a superior product,” said John Urbana in a recent interview. “We’ve never focused on sales volume. We started by cultivating relationships with top chefs that care about the quality of the food they serve.  After tasting the amazing flavor of our Wagyu beef in restaurants, diners wanted to replicate that experience in their own homes. Opening up for online sales was a natural progression for us,” he added.

KOW Steaks beef is farm-raised in Iowa where the cattle have plentiful open space to graze on natural, untreated grass plus fresh, clean water. KOW Steaks prides itself on never using hormones, GMOs, or any other harmful additives.

“Keeping our cattle geographically co-located in this ideal environment is a key component in our ability to deliver consistently high-quality beef, every single time,” concluded Urbana.

To learn more about KOW Steaks visit https://www.kowsteaks.com.