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A Day in the Life of an Electrician in Denver, Colorado

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My alarm goes off early, usually before the sun is up. I check the weather on my phone because working in Denver, Colorado, means you must be prepared for almost anything. After grabbing coffee, I review my schedule and head out the door.

The first thing you should know about being an electrician today is that the job isn’t the same as a decade ago. In Denver, there’s a big push towards electric vehicles (EVs). More and more, I’m getting calls to install EV chargers in homes. It’s a good thing for the environment but another thing to learn and stay updated on.

Safety is the cornerstone of our work. It’s easy to think of electricity as this safe thing — after all, you flip a switch, and a light comes on, right? But the truth is, it can be dangerous. Working with current is not a joke. There’s always a risk of electric shocks, especially if the wiring isn’t done right. And that’s where expertise comes in. I’ve seen lousy wiring jobs, and believe me, it’s not pretty. It’s not just about getting the job done; it’s about doing it right.

The public generally doesn’t see the behind-the-scenes challenges we face. We often work in tight spaces, sometimes up high or in the dark. We deal with old, outdated systems never designed for today’s electrical demands. But every challenge is a puzzle, and solving it is rewarding.

There are also some surprising things about our job. For instance, did you know that the color of a wire can tell you a lot? Wiring colors are standardized, which helps us understand their purpose. It’s not as simple as just connecting things; it’s about knowing what each wire does and ensuring everything is in its proper place.

Also, electricians must stay updated with local codes and regulations as Denver grows and changes. The city has its own set of rules, and they can change. It’s part of our job to keep up with them.

And here’s something that might surprise you: Not all our work is reactive, like fixing problems. A lot of what we do is preventive. We inspect systems, look for potential issues, and make recommendations. That way, concerns can be addressed before they become big, expensive messes.

By the time the day winds down, I’ve probably been to several homes or businesses, tackled different challenges, and hopefully left things a little better and safer than I found them. Then it’s back home, maybe some paperwork, and rest up for the next day.

Being an electrician in Denver isn’t just a job; it’s a responsibility. Every wire we connect and every system we inspect impacts someone’s life. It’s demanding, but at the end of the day, knowing I’ve made a difference makes it all worthwhile.