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How to find a trustworthy metal building broker


Are There Trustworthy Customer Reviews?

With so much being slurred across social media and search engine reviews, it’s important to focus attention on reputable sources. ALWAYS check with the Better Business Bureau when searching for a trustworthy metal building broker, as these are customers who actually did business with the company, as opposed to someone having a bad day and venting on, say, a Google review or the like. Be aware that there are many fictitious sites posting false reviews in order to make a few thousand bucks for companies to pay for the removal of fake negative reviews.

As well, sad to say, competitors may be making it difficult for one another in any particular industry by posting negative false reviews on various sites. All in all, while we would love to believe in the positive testimonials posted to the actual company website, it’s difficult to say what is truly legit. One may never know. Again, the BBB is often the best route for researching the track record of any company.

A great indicator of a trustworthy steel building broker is the percentage of customers who are return customers, as well as are referring friends and family to the firm. Again, it’s difficult to know for sure what information is legit and what has been fabricated for the sake of looking good. I can’t stress enough that the Better Business Bureau is the best indicator.

Transparency in Pricing

Note which companies actually post their steel building prices online with nothing to hide. When you have access to the data and are able to self-quote directly from the website, there isn’t much to second guess. Companies willing to reveal all costs, not to mention the profit, are open and willing to put the customer’s savings first. When you get to a website that only wants to capture a lead before offering steel building prices to the prospective customer, one is justified in becoming wary right off the bat as to what is there to hide…

Everyone purchasing I-Beam Steel Buildings is ultimately purchasing there steel building from 3 major corporations trickled down to a great number of subsidiaries and brokers. It’s all a matter of who is getting the most commissions and profiting through markups of building materials and accessories. With increased regulations and standards in the industry, you’ll get the same quality almost everywhere. “How much do you wish to overpay? That’s really the only question,” warns John Barber, key principal at Factory Steel Overstock. “It’s that simple.”

Legitimate Marketing

Speaking of overstock, and terms of the like, let’s not be misled by sales gimmicks. I-Beam steel buildings are fabricated upon order. It’s highly unlikely that there would be a warehouse full of pre-fabricated I-Beam steel buildings sitting around to go on clearance anywhere. These are simply terms made to get the public’s attention because we are conditioned to then meaning, at least for other products, that there is a great deal to be had on these surplus metal buildings for sale. This is not to say that we can’t just have some game in the industry, but simply be aware of what’s revealed and what remains hidden in pricing.


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